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Providing helicopter maintenance services is our core business at HeliSupport.

We specialise in Airbus and Safran products and pride ourselves on our ability to plan and provide line maintenance to our customers above and beyond the industry standard. 

Line maintenance, inspections, heavy maintenance, refurbishment, component repair and facilitating overhaul are only a few of our capabilities. We have a large workforce of industry qualified technicians, working alongside our parts supply and technical records teams to give customers the best possible service.

Helicopter Painting



We are fully equipped for all airframe repair and refinishing requirements.

Our facilities include a brand new 15 metre double spray-bake booth, a PPG product equipped tinting room and system, and an open-faced component booth.

Our paint team has a long history and experience specialising in helicopter finishings,

including interior, exterior, and components.

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HeliSupport has the capability to provide full, new aircraft configuration

or repair and additions to your existing avionics suite.

We have in-house technicians for all installation, testing and certification requirements.



In addition to our aircraft sales services, we also offer leasing options

for both our own aircraft and for owners that intend to explore the leasing market.



Training our personnel is the absolute key to providing professional services at HeliSupport.

We provide ground-up training to our entry-level apprentices, right through to license and rating.

Our training includes, but is not limited to, a dedicated facility to provide our technicians

with sponsored Original Equipment Manufacturer type-specific training

on all of our scope of maintained aircraft and equipment.

All of our staff are supported with appropriate training for their duties to the absolute best of our ability.

We are also committed to the safety of our staff and customers in our workplace environment and are active in providing initial and ongoing job appropriate safety training and compliance.

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