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HeliSupport NZ are proud to be network partners with Safran Helicopter Engines. Each year we hold various engine training courses at our facility in Wanaka and last week saw the final training course for the year focusing on the Arriel 1 Series Engine. We had a great mix of attendees including a couple of lads all the way from Australia.

All courses are run by Renato Fuser who is the Lead Instructor for Safran Engine Training Academy in Sydney. These courses are a great way to improve the engineers theory and practical knowledge of each engine type. Safran also offer further refresher and familiarisation courses, Maintenance Manager basics, and Advanced Boroscope Inspections.

Stay tuned for the 2020 training course schedule which should be out later this year and include options for Arriel 1, Arriel 2 and Arrius 2 Series.

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